Add the mobile UX as a theme option to desktop users as well

just like the mobile-web application which has the choice of “activate desktop theme” it would be great if one can activate the mobile theme for the desktop.

is this possible?

p.s.: reason to ask this is simple: the mobile theme is more attractive when you want to read.

p.s.2: I just noted this theme:

and it’s more or less the same as mobile-theme … . so removal of the request.

You should be able to do this from the hamburger menu in the top right – just look for “Mobile view” at the bottom. (Assuming, of course, you haven’t disabled the mobile theme in settings.)


:thinking: is there such an option for desktop application?

I’ve seen in the mobile-web-application to switch between desktop and mobile theme, but it doesn’t exist in the desktop forum.

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It’s here on meta if you click the hamburger button:


my snapshot:

It is nonsensical to switch to mobile view on desktop, and we won’t be doing that. Thanks!

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In particular, it is dangerous to provide an option that results in an inferior experience. Nobody does this, for very good reason.

If this is the way you roll, make a theme component for your site.


yes, thanks for your responses. I updated the request & the Sam’s minimal UI just works fine for the reading state. :slight_smile: