How to set up Discourse for selling memberships to online courses?

I am working with authors who are wanting to create an online course from their upcoming publication.

They would like to…

  • Create a ticketed live workshop event for each chapter via live video chat
  • Sell an online workshop for the entire series also via live video chat
  • Store the recordings in a software behind a membership plan
  • Have a forum for attendees to connect with each other as well as the authors
  • Make available and sell their book in print and digitally
  • Provide one on one or small group coaching focused on each workshop

They are favoring Discourse as the community space. Is there a way for Discourse to be used to accommodate their other requirements?

Is there anyone here using Discourse in this way?

What other solutions are worth exploring?

Thanks in advance for guidance and solutions

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Most of that you can accomplish with a category that is accessible by only one group and the subscription plugin to control access to the group. You’d need some other software to show the video and just let discourse provide a link to the video (on YouTube, perhaps).

You’d hope that users would not share those links with non paying people. It’s more work to tie your video platform to discourse permissions.


That should helps too (useless or kind of broken at the moment but it needs to be updated and that’s all):

If you use Vimeo it couldn’t be easier, you can set the video to “hidden from vimeo” then add domains where it can be embedded. Post the link in the private category and it will onebox, and that’s it!


Memberful might be part of your solution.