How to set up SSL on kubernetes

hello .
i have set up discourse on kubernetes . the setup is fully up and running however my site is still on HTTP and i want to convert it to HTTPS .
need help ASAP

You’re on your own. Kubernetes is not supported here.

This isn’t a discourse problem, it’s a Kubernetes/ingress problem. So you should ask somewhere that there are experts in k8s and ingress.

To get help, you’d need to say where you’re running k8s (or ask somewhere specific to your platform), as the way to enable https ingres is different for different platforms (GKE, whateveramazoncallsit, bare metal and so on).


Did you set the setting force_https to the enabled value?


I hope that’s all it takes! I’m afraid that your suggestion is necessary, but not sufficient. It could definitely save a step after he gets https figured out, though. I’ve been fighting (off and on) for weeks on my bare metal k8s setup to get https ingress working. It’s easy enough on GKE (and presumably AWS as well) if you follow the guides.

hi @pfaffman as of not i’m not using ingress to route . i have created a LB svc and have mapped that LB ip to my domain .
now i have even generated the certificated for my domain . only issue is which directoy should i place the certificated in inside my discourse .
the directory structure is little bit different . though all the files are same