How to set up whitelabel mail system


Trying to set up whitelabel mail login for my site with tutanota, haven’t figured out how to make this work yet they sent me this support article but am confused by this:

I wrote in a new CNAME record with host value of mail.(my domain).US, value set to, but when I try to set the mail setting to this domain in the mail app setting it says CNAME is not configured properly, even after I waited a day for this to process, seems that I’ve gotten something wrong.

Hopefully once I can get this to work, I will have a working link to login to e-mail on my own website, don’t know if I can make a button for that on my discourse forum site? If not I can just post a link to that in forum post, then make more official link on non-forum website.

Found out problem was with host value for CNAME, was supposed to just write “mail” not the whole domain name now this works.

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