Installing Discourse via digitalocean on bluehost subdomain


I’ve successfully installed discourse on my subdomain, but cannot get the email settings to work. I have e-mail hosting through my bluehost as well, but have tried every combination of settings and cannot get it setup right.

I added an A name entry at and it redirects to the login screen for discourse. However, when I send the verification e-mail nothing works.

I tried:

  • changing the comment in app.yml to my email without the subdomain
  • changing the login for smtp to (but this didnt work)
  • trying port 465 and 587

Is this possible to do using my mail setup through bluehost? Or do I need to create a new email and setup a full subdomain in bluehost instead of just a A name redirect?

My error:
Sent mail to EMAIL (60260.5ms)
Job exception: Net::ReadTimeout

It’s advisable to use a dedicated subdomain, and for the sake of simplicity I would recommend one of the mail providers in the email setup guide.


hmm do you have any advice on how to use mailjet with a subdomain?

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I would imagine that a significant proportion of their users do that. Their site should provide instructions.

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