How to setup moderators with just access to remove or update topic categories

Hi. I understand the moderator privilege also gives access to review users private messages. Is that the case? How do we provide more restricted moderation options so that we can enable user moderators?


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What do you exactly mean by that? Moderators have to be well-trusted members, in order to review both public and private flags. When someone flags a message, they simply ask for a moderators’ or administrators’ help. Keep in mind, that moderators can only see private messages when flagged.

To answer the title question: How to setup moderators with just access to remove or update topic categories you can select a group of members to be category moderators. In this way, you limit their admin actions. I am not sure though wheter they will have the ability to remove topics from their assigned category. You can give them some other admin abilities though by promoting them to Trust Level 4.


If all you need to for those users to move topics between categories trust level 3 is enough.


Only in the case where the PMs are flagged, so this statement isn’t really correct.


Thx all for the solutions. Will be exploring. Would be curious to hear from other community owners who have relied on members for some moderation


@codinghorror @Falco @Thomas_G is there any way to grant permission to users to hide replies or topics from within the normal interface, but NOT grant access to the full moderation queue?

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No one can hide replies. You can change the flags settings and the desired Trust Level would have a stronger impact to the post or a topic, when it gets flagged. To hide the entire topic, including its’ replies, they have to be Trust Level 4.