How to setup okta authentication with discourse

We are using okta as identity provider for our application. Can we enable users to log in to our discourse community with the same credentials via okta and even they need to be auto logged in if they were logged in my app.

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You should be able to configure Okta integration using the openid-connect plugin


What about auto log in?..I mean when my user log in to my app he need to automatically logged in or signed up into discourse(No need for authentication again).

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If your Discourse site is set to login_required, then authentication with Okta will be triggered straight away. If the user has an active session on Okta then they will be logged in without any interaction.

If your Discourse is not login_required then users will just need to tap/click “login” once


So, if we set login_required , then there is a chance of forcing the user to log-in if he was not logged into my app…right?
Even he/she could not able see any of the community posts if he was not logged in!!!
We also want the user to see posts(Read-only) even without logging into my app.

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Then you will need to leave login_required disabled, and the user will have to click the button to login. There may be some tricks you can do in your app to trigger the login automatically, but there is nothing in Discourse itself that will do it.


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