Login automatic without clicking button "login"

hi , i follow this OAuth2 Basic Plugin and i have my react website have login with auth0 I want to do one thing if i login in my website and i go in discourse i want login automatic without clicking a button “login” and without set discourse “login required” how can i do that?

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To start the login process immediately, you could link users directly to the /login URL. If OAuth2 is the only enabled login method, users will be redirected straight to the identity provider.

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thanks very much for your reply.
but i have a condition if the user has login in my app and he visit my discourse forum from google or may be from link forum-dsicourse.com . Is there a way for login automatic ?

Unfortunately not, unless you enable ‘login required’.


@david I just created my discourse community but I don’t understand why people without an account can’t access it. The link goes straight to login.

I don’t see the option in the settings to make it open and public and require an account only if you want to like and comment on topics. Can you help me?