How to stop new user email verification on signup/register


I have a community of users for new official event and i would like to join my forum but i don’t want them to signup with email as they can not put there personal email with official website/forum(company rules) ,i just want them to signup without email (just user name password with security questions ) , can someone tell me how to achieve this —my question is simple user come to my forum with forum link and can register with just username and password without email verification(without third party authentication , simple)

You could create your own sso or oauth server that created the accounts and let people log in. You could do it in WordPress and then hack the SSO but to lie to discourse that the email was verified (it’s documented for to do that). If you don’t want to do that work, then You could ask people to create a bogus emaill address just for the event,making your users do the extra work.

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Thankyou @pfaffman ,will try this and let you know if i succeeded!!!

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