How to stop the showing the number of unread posts on the web tab?

I thought I saw it somewhere but can’t find it now.

Now when I log in to my account, there will be the number of posts that I’ve not read on the webpage tab, like this:


This might mean that there are 2 posts that I have not read. But I don’t like it to show the number, simply the logo is good enough for me.

Could you please tell me how to stop this?

There is no option to turn this off in your user prefs, only the existing drop down choice of two different things it can show… though there could be @sam?

We have this preference:

You can show counts on the browser icon, or you can have the page title reflect new page content vs new notifications.

You can not 100% disable all dynamic-ness here. If you want that you will need a theme component.

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Right what I am saying is that drop-down could have a third option of “none”. Personally it does not bother me but if we already have the drop-down…

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