How to switch between themes when multiple themes are installed

Hi everyone.
I developed a simple theme and installed it from its repository.

The problem is when I make the theme selectable for users, all selectable themes are displayed in the menu drop down of the main navigation.

However when I switch to the new theme, the list of selectable themes are not displayed on the menu dropdown.

here is the menu on the default theme:

here is the menu when new theme is selected:

as you see the menu is missing a div in the menu-container-footer-links.

Here is the repo for the theme: GitHub - freeCodeCamp/discourse-theme: Themes that we use on our forums

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

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You need to add the Hamburger Theme Selector to all of your user-selectable themes, not just the default. This is something I forget to do all the time when adding new themes here on Meta.


Thanks Kris. appreciate it

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