How to put theme for others to access in the menu?

like this



Here is the Theme Component what you looking for. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there another way? I tried the one you showed me and it doesn’t work, I saw that there are reports from other people who are also not able to use it


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Hmm… I just tried it and works fine for me. :thinking:

Just to make sure you set it up right… You need to activate this theme component for all themes where you want to use.
On themes setting you have to check in the Theme can be selected by users checkbox on all theme which you want to appear on hamburger menu.

Screenshot 2022-09-03 at 21.26.32


It’s working on this site, so it should work on yours.


I would like to give another point of view — don’t use it. The main reason for that is wild system of handling colors, dark mode is really problematic.

But it works for me too. But as said earlier, it has to be allowed in all themes (in use) and you should load up page to see it.

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i use that plug-in on our site and it works fine.

@Jagster, not sure what you mean? i just don’t use the dark and light modes because my users (and me) find it confusing with that other drop down box in user preferences. what i do is just have a separate dark and light themes to choose from on the hamburger menu.

With the retirement of the Legacy hamburger menu, the theme component to use now would be the Sidebar theme toggle :+1: