How to switch Discourse servers?


I have a Digital Ocean server and I want to migrate to Hetzner, how do I do that? Do you have any tutorials?

Do I backup my Discourse and then do I create a clean install of Discourse and upload the previous backup? What comes back? The users? Topics? Images? etc?

But for that I should backup my old server and put it on the new one?

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We have a guide for that at Move your Discourse Instance to a Different Server


Thanks for answering, as I’m using a translator, some things were confusing for me, so does that mean I don’t need to do anything on the server? just the backup of discourse?

so it means that I don’t need to do anything on the server
only the backup and restore of discourse transfers the servers for me
I just have to fix the cloudflare?

well I’m going to wait for this confirmation because I’m afraid of not doing anything on the server and deleting everything

I did the following

I have my website on the digital ocean forum as I always used it

On the new hetzner server I installed discourse

but now I don’t understand how to pull people’s data from the other server so they can log in to the new server, that is, use their data

That’s all described in detail on the guide at Move your Discourse Instance to a Different Server. Please read and follow it carefully.

sorry, I’m using google translator, some things don’t make sense, but I’ll try another way to translate