How to switch from Discourse Connect SSO to local logins

Our group is strictly private. When we started using Discourse, we had 1000 members with WordPress accounts, so we used Discourse Connect to sign on with WordPress. That worked, but now it fails intermittently and adds complication, so I’m considering cutting out WordPress and using local logins by invite only.

Has anyone done this, and were there any complications? Will it remember the 1000 members and create a local login for them?

The settings I think I would use are:

invite only = true
login required = true
enable local logins = true
enable local logins via email = true
allow new registrations = false
enable discourse connect = false (turn it off)
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As long as people have the same email address that they use with WordPress, it’ll work fine. You can also enable social logins to further do away with (one more) passwords.