How to tell the difference between Admin & Moderator from Staff list?


(Joshua Rosenfeld) #1

Seems like a minor issue, but looking at the staff list one cannot tell who is an admin and who is a moderator without mousing over the icons. Take a look at the image below, can you tell who is who?

In case you were wondering, from top down, we have an Admin, then a Moderator, followed by another Admin, and finally the last users is both an Admin and a Moderator. I would suggest a better way of differentiating the two types of staff, without the need to mouseover the icons. No idea how to create a mockup, but I have two ideas. One would be to vertically align the corresponding badges, so Moderators are on the left and Admin are on the right. That would allow for a quick glance without the need for a new column. My other idea would be to color the badges differently. I have no preference on colors, as long as it was clear which was which.

(Dean Taylor) #2

Although it’s not pretty you could style the admin shields like so:

i.fa.fa-shield[title="Discourse Admin"]:before {
    color: #F7D000;