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Quick question…

I noticed the little shield icon ages ago which appears next to someone who is a moderator, are there specific circumstances when this may change?

For example, I have both admin and moderator access, the latter being granted initially. Yet the little shield just states moderator, are admins more concealed?

I had a quick look at our other admins and they have other “titles” appearing next to them, and I note that when I check @sam here, his doesn’t have the little shield icon either, again, there is a specific title.

Just trying to work out the circumstances under which the shield icon is/is not displayed, and whether certain things override its usage.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I believe it is only shown when Is Moderator is checked. Admins either also need that checked (to get the shield) or should use a custom title.

IIRC, the reason behind that was to shield admins from people constantly seeking them out versus using flagging.


Thanks for the info @cpradio

I have both checked at my end and yes, that would make sense regarding being sought after. The only reason it really came up was that someone wasn’t sure if I was an admin or not, so I was surprised they didn’t realise having been a member of the same community/team (remote) for about a year. :slight_smile:

If you look on the about page you can see who is admin and who is merely a moderator.


The idea is that admins should be “less visible”. They are just responsible for background technical running of the forum, not day-to-day management.


Thanks @tobiaseigen and @sam for your replies.

“merely” - hehe, I wasn’t suggesting this :slight_smile:

Makes sense Sam, I guess I’m just privileged to have been granted both, although I guess I don’t really need moderator being an admin, but without it it wouldn’t display moderator which does come in handy.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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