How to track a weekly form on Discourse?


Below is a snapshot of a weekly vehicle check that we do on our vans:

If I wanted to track this kind of thing on Discourse, how would I do it?

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Maybe check out Introducing Experimental Form Templates

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Thank you @pfaffman. I could not see on the thread whether this would allow us to schedule the form and assign it to someone every week. Have you used this feature yet?

By “track this kind of thing” do you just mean receive the reports and have a record of them? Form Templates might work if a simple list of fields would suffice. I don’t know that you can get a nice illustrated layout with explanatory text. If you just want the forms saved and available for commenting, maybe upload snapshots as PDFs…?

But—do you want to collect the data over time and look at trends and statistics? Discourse is amazing at forum stuff, but I don’t think aggregating data from form submissions is on the menu. “Store the JSON output in the topic data when a topic is created” is on the roadmap for Form Templates, so there might eventually be a way to query for it, but… oof. I’d be looking at something like Google Forms or Wufoo.

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