How to translate Text content in WP Discourse?

Hello everyone. I have a wordpress blog in 6 languages
How can I add a translation for these words?

I am using a plugin for WPML translation
I can use files .po and. mo

Currently that text exists outside the WP localisation pipeline, which is why you’re not seeing them appear in the WPML administration panel. You will see other text from the WP Discourse plugin in the WPML “String Translation” interface, but not the text in that screenshot.

This is a bit of a gap in the WP Discourse plugin and I’ve moved it up the priority list. I’ve mostly completed a PR to allow those strings to be translated within WPML (the most widely used WP Multilingual Plugin). We may add support for other multilingual plugins if possible (not all have the same customisability as WPML).

I’ll give you an update on this one early next week.

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Thank you for your message. I’ll be looking forward to it. Good luck

Hello. Is there any news?

Hey, yup, I worked on it this week and the PR is ready :slight_smile:

It does what you expect. The configurable text will be available as part of the WPML translation pipeline. We’ll add support for other ML plugins in the future if they allow for dynamic strings.

A previous PR needs to be merged first. When @simon merges that I’ll be able to bump the version on this PR and it’ll be ready to be merged.

So this feature will likely be part of version 2.3.2 of the plugin.

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Thank you very much. Well, we will wait. Can you please write when this will happen?