How to update and unlock all groups?

We used locked groups on TL3 and now we are moving again to default trust_level system (because we left Discord and need more engagement on our forum).

  1. How to unlock all TL and make all users aligned with TL settings?
  2. How to update groups with the TL? Because we have people on unlocked TL1 in group with TL3 access.

I tried some queries but seems to be oudated (more than 4 years ago).

It is probably easiest to just change the groups TL in the UI, but you could identify them in the Rails console if you have a whole bunch of them.

To reset Trust Levels, here is a guide:

Be warned, it will make everyone start over from the beginning.


It’s not possible to reset and respect the TL system and reubicate all users from default settings?

That seems to be the expected behavior (from the post you linked). So I still only need the way to unlock everyone TL from Rails :slight_smile:



To see what the group model looks like. Or Group.find_by_slug("some_slug") to look at a specific one. You can look at one that’s changed and one that’s not.

You can then do Group.all.update_all(field: value) to set them all.

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Did you get what you need from this topic @matenauta?