How to auto remove from groups when trust level falls?

Im having to manually go thru users and unlock their override that someone gave them, but they still belong to the groups even tho the trust level shows lvl 1. How to reset the groups so only people of that trust level are in the group?

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If you’re self-hosted, you could do it at the rails console, but it’s a bit tricky.

You can see who gave them the override by looking at /admin/logs.

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Yes Im self hosted. I know who did it and he know longer has access beyond member now. Unfortunately theres about 300 to go thru to check. And as I remove them they still show in as belonging to the higher group tho it says the trust level is 1 now. With no way to remove them from the group as its under automatic.

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If it’s an automatic group, then you can’t remove them. What group is it?

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its trust level 3. But they dont meet the qualifications for trust level 3. When I unlock them it shows on top trust level 1, trust level 2. But many are not 3. I would think if they dont meet the qualifications or get demoted then they would be removed from the group as well. Does the system treat them as if they are still lvl 3 or the current trust level?

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This might work in the rails console

./launcher enter app
rails c

Then, this:

User.where(manual_locked_trust_level: 3).update_all(manual_locked_trust_level: nil, trust_level: 1)

That will find all users locked to trust level 3, unlock their trust level and set their trust level to 1.


Thank you Jay! Worked


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