Admin unable to change username

My users are unable to change their usernames despite me opening the permissions to allow them to do so.

Further, I’m an admin and am trying to change the username on behalf of a user and I’m being met with the following error: “You are not permitted to view the requested resource.”

I’ve read other forum posts about this :arrow_up:︎ error, but didn’t find one that was able to help remediate my issue.

Are you using SSO? That would explain this, I think.


I am also getting this error, and I am an admin. I think I am using SSO, does that mean we cant adjust/edit usernames?

If you use SSO, then you would need to create a new username on the SSO side and then merge the accounts in Discourse.


I inherited my current set up. How do I check if I’m using SSO or not?

Click on the Settings link from the main menu. On the Settings page, enter ‘sso’ in the search box. If the ‘enable sso’ checkbox is checked, SSO is enabled on your site.


Hi, it looks like SSO is indeed set up on my forum. So if I want people to be able to update/change their usernames, including myself (an admin), what’s the best way to go about doing that?


Go back to your SSO settings and look for the setting ‘sso overrides username’. If that setting is not enabled, users, including admins, should be able to edit their usernames on your site.

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I see now that that is checked. If I “uncheck” the “sso overrides username”, will people be able to create their own user names? Is there any downside to that?

Yes, unchecking that setting will allow users to change their usernames on your Discourse site. The only downside I can see is that if a username is edited on Discourse, but not on your SSO provider site, the username won’t match between the two systems. This won’t cause any technical problems, but depending on how you are using Discourse, it could cause some confusion among your users.

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We are just still building our community, which is why I am trying to update these settings now…so not too worried about user confusion right now. And our “users” dont have a username on our main site, just an # ID. THanks!