How to upload bulk question answers?

I do have questions and answers in xls, how to upload this to newly setup forum?


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What do you mean upload them?

Do you mean upload them to a post? If so, are you trying to attach them, or make the contents of the XLS the contents of the post?

Are you trying to make them the FAQ section of the site?

I have a feeling whatever you’re wanting to do would be fairly simple but I just don’t understand what your desired result is.


Lucas, Thanks for the quick reply. I wrote 2000 question and answer in xls and would like to post those on my discourse forum, please let me know if there any ways to import.

If visitor comes to my forum they will at least see these 2k posts on sites.

Oh. You’d like to import these Q/A’s as separate topics? Or post them to a single, very long, general Q/A topic? Can you provide a sample row or two from your spreadsheet?

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Yes, I would like to import these Q&A as a separate topics.

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Question: What is Amazon AWS?
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I’ll keep my personal thoughts regarding how having 2000+ individual topics dedicated to single questions may be a bad idea to myself for now.

I see two possible ways of accomplishing your goal. One would be to convert your spreadsheet to a CSV and then use the API and some shell scripting to loop through the file creating a new post for every line.

Another way could be to set up “Allow posting from email” and then use Excel’s “Mail Merge” feature to email every q/A to Discourse, creating a new topic.


Ok, could you please point me to API documentation for posting.

Here you go! Best of luck!


thank you! appreciate you help.

The idea of preloading a lot of topics has been presented here before. I remember one topic that was particularly relevant but I couldn’t find it so maybe I read it on another website like Feverbee

While @chumstick has chosen not to comment, I’d be reluctant to start a new forum with a lot of simple Q&A tpics. Gathering a core group of enthusiastic users would probably be a better option to encourage interaction.

Anyway,you can ignore what I say but I’m also wondering if you’ve read any of the helpful topics on starting a Discourse forum:

Blog posts on building a Discourse community

Other topics on kick-starting and seeding (creating topics and users) a new forum:


Thanks Remah! I will check all these links

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