Dummy user to create initial content

We just installed Discourse in our company and started to show it to people. Of course we need content to convince them to move conversations to Discourse, to do this we need to put more content.

My idea was to copy some of the questions I saw today in one of our chatroom to Discourse, but I didn’t want to post them with my user (it will look weird).

Is there a way to create a dummy user, like admin or Discobot, and impersonate it to post questions and answers?

Anyway we are also using Google SSO if this changes anything.

The traditional way to do this is with multiple accounts – use email plus addressing to sign up as multiple users, and you can also use your browser accounts feature to have multiple sets of cookies / identities per browser.

Where are the target conversations? Chat? What software?

Long term we had talked about forwarding long email chains into Discourse, and having it automatically create a topic and stage all the users, but we keep pushing that back. cc @zogstrip


Wow, I never thought of doing in that way.

Unfortunately it looks like the + or the . don’t work with gmail for business account. And I cannot get a new account just for testing/pushing Discourse.

Target discussions are currently in HipChat rooms, but of course not all chat messages are needed in Discourse.

You could set up a basic gmail account for this purpose though.


I see your point, but at moment I can allow people to register only from the company addresses and there are not dummy addresses for that.

At this point I think I will need to impersonate system or discobot…

I think you should be able to use this method to create some fake users: Create Admin Account from Console

You have to grant them admin privileges to successfully create them with fake mail addresses (it doesn’t skip the email validation step for non-admins), then you can go into the admin panel and find them under Users, revoke the admin rights and follow the steps from Impersonating a user


You can’t actually do that.

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damn :frowning:
I will try to do as @ssvenn suggested.

How do you know if an address is a company one?