How to use my own SVG icons in Custom Header Links theme component?

I installed a component that only allows me to put icons in my forum tags through the fontawesome website, but I want to use my own icons, how do I upload them and use them?


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Replace Discourse’s default SVG icons with custom icons in a theme


thanks for replying, i was wanting to use this

but for some reason the svg icons i upload on my website i can’t use in that


Oh. I suspect that you’ll need to do a bit of work to make that happen. I changed your title accordingly, so hopefully it’ll get attention from someone who knows more about that theme component.

It says

which I think means that it’s hard or impossible to use other icons.


Adding custom icons is now supported, as of this commit:

When adding a header link in the theme setting, paste in a url to an icon and it should be present in the header.

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Hi! thank you for answering me and for helping me! How do I install this?

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Hi @Danielabc

You simply need to navigate to your components in /admin/customize/themes, find the Icon Header Links component. If it’s not on the latest update, you should see a button to update.

update button

After updating the theme component, in your theme settings where you configure each icon link, simply use a URL to an image source instead of a font awesome icon name.

For example, here is how I have a link set up:

Desktop mobile link,,, vdm, self

Which renders like so:

sample render

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