How to use theme color scheme

I see that material design stock theme has multiple color schemes:

  • material teal/amber
  • simple dark
  • material dark
  • etc.

But i (as an admin) have to select exactly one of these color schemes for my users. Is there a possibility to have all the color schemes available by default to them?

One idea to “fix” this was to copy the theme multiple times and each time to chose a different color scheme, – but that just feels stupid.

Is there something i missed regarding color schemes?


Not that I’m aware of, no. This is not possible yet. This is very close though

However, I would not recommend “copying” the entire theme, as in html, js and css.

This would not be very maintainable in the long run as the amount of work you have to do multiplies by the number of color variants you intend to offer to your users.

Here’s something slightly different and we’ll stick with the Material theme since you mentioned it.

If you install the material theme, you get a few color schemes with it. Namely:

Material Teal/Amber
Material Red/Blue
Material Blue/Red
Material Indigo/Orange
Material Dark

What you need to do is create a new theme for every color scheme you want to offer to your users. Let’s say you want to use

Material Red/Blue
Material Blue/Red
Material Dark

You would then create three new themes and call them Red, Blue and Dark.

Once those themes in place, make them user selectable.

Now set the color scheme for each of those themes to the matching color scheme. So,

Red gets Material Red/Blue
Blue gets Material Blue/Red
Dark gets Material Dark

Once that’s done, you would then add the Material theme as a child theme to all these new themes you just created.

This effectively allows you to offer different color schemes for the same theme with the added benefit that the code for the theme (html, js and css) is located in one place - The Material theme.

That way, if you need to change anything in the theme code, you’d only need to change it in one place and not have do it over and over for every color variant.


I guess that works good enough for now.

Thanks for the help.