Theme vs color scheme

I need help understanding theme versus color scheme.

If, as a user, I choose dark mode,

Which has as it’s color pallette ‘Sonar Dark’, then the theme’s custom CSS is applied, but not the theme’s pallette:

Yes, I see that my Color Scheme preference is set to ‘Sonar’ (which is a light theme / mode). What I’m not understanding is

  • Why as a user, I have to make both choices.
  • Or how, as an admin, I can make this simpler.
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Is this down to the colour palette being set as ‘selectable’ by the user? Does unticking that lock the choice into a one/the other option?

Yes! Thank you!

Maybe the description for that checkbox could be expanded to something like:

Color scheme can be selected by users for use with any theme

…? (I threw the spelling correction in there for free :wink:)


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