Restrict color schemes available to certain themes?

I have two different themes available to my users. One is a neutral theme where the color scheme doesn’t really matter. The other theme is stylized in a very intentional way and only makes sense with the color scheme packaged with it. Is there a way to restrict color schemes on a given theme?

I see some discussion regarding this here but with no obvious resolution

Should I be requiring my users to pair up the correct color scheme every time they change their theme?

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Wonder how users with Mears-Irlen Syndrome will cope with such a feature.

I can appreciate the concern but I did mention there are two themes for which I only want to restrict one. Not to mention this “feature” already exists this meta site itself as there are no color schemes to choose from at all!

Interesting idea but what if the community member has Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome with the default theme also exercising their syndrome?