How to view admin profile views? Also PM admin views settings question

Here’s an example of a member of my forum

Here is my profile when logged in

Here is my profile, when logged out

Why can I not view the row w/ Views in it, when I am logged in?

Also is it possible to disable users from electing to make their profile private? How can I enable this?

For reference this is on VoskCoinTalk and here is a direct link to my profile on the forum Profile - VoskCoin - VoskCoinTalk

PS can someone explain to me exactly what this setting is and means?

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Tap where it says Expand. You will then see Views.

Check in the settings for enable user directory. Or disable Hide user profiles from public


Admin users can read all personal messages on the system. If you check that box then the act of viewing the personal messages of another user is automatically logged.