How will users intuitively know how to mention a category?

I got a personal message from a user that asked me how I wrote such a thing: support.

That seems a very legitimate question since the # is no more displayed. They can’t deduce it from other users’ previous messages anymore.


I think someone mentioned this in this topic as well the other day:


Yeah discoverability is a little bit of an issue, I think we eventually want to move to a consistent “one shortcut for everything” which we’ve seen in some other apps. So rather than having @ # or / work for different things… we’d end up with one shortcut that can be used for users/categories/tags etc.

Google Docs is a good example… they use @ and you can search for all types of things:

Screenshot 2023-01-13 at 9.28.11 AM

This could work for us, because mentioning people is fairly intuitive and common… so once you’ve done that you can discover all the other available functionality.


I agree. I would like to use #-sign but (hash)tags are really familiar to me. Ordinary Jane and John Does from social media background… not so much. Or they are misusing tags big time :wink:

Could it be both, @ and #? I mean something similar how we can alter searching using in: etc — @ would be general one showing everything and # is limited to tags.