How would you design a "Statistics" index page for the backend?

This is not a sure thing yet, but I sure would love it if Discourse had a dedicated /admin/statistics page on the backend, rich with interesting community insights, visualised for my viewing pleasure.

Maybe this will come more naturally once we’ve nailed down the stats we’ll be focusing on for the RGSoC 2016, but if someone has some ideas for this already I’d love to hear’em.

Here are some statistics pages from other web apps for inspiration:

:postal_horn: @awesomerobot, @rewphus, @commonpawn,, @HAWK


Like you’re saying, it really comes down to what data has to be displayed and what you’re trying to achieve with this dashboard. I think that would be a great place to start

In terms of dashboards in general, there is also room for improvement. A lot of the critique of dashboards as we know them, is based on the fact that they simply display data - not insights. Eg. Fitbit tells you how much you move but does not really tell you how to improve your fitness - you will have to figure that out yourself from reading the data.

What if discourse could have a smarter, dynamic dashboard that not only displays a lot of useful data, but serves you relevant insights on how to improve your community


Agreed. I was trying to make a similar point here: