How's your experience been with official hosted Discourse?

Hey! SaaS version of Discourse seems pricey, I wonder what kind of experience they provide for that money? Have you ran into any troubles? Does support respond in a timely manner?

Excellent site reliability and prompt, customized, eager support willing to help with pretty much any question or issue that comes up.

(I also believe strongly in supporting people who build open source software products, and for Discourse, buying hosting is a primary way to do that.)

If it works for your requirements and “business” model, highly recommend.


I’ve handled a number of moves from their service over the years. It’s never been because they were unhappy with their service or support. It’s always been because the user couldn’t afford it (and most of those because they had specific needs for a custom plugin or they had levels of traffic that pushed them into an expensive tier). They’ve got staff covering all of the time zones.

If you pay for their services you definitely get what you pay for.

And if you do want some feature added, your voice is louder if you’re a customer.


We have been on SaaS for over a year with our 6000 member community.

I cannot say a single bad thing about it.

We moved over from a heavily customized Telligent Community and they were able to handle the migration with ease. They have responded to our issues (Mainly ours, not theirs) very quickly, sometimes writing the customizations needed on the fly.

I normally get a response in less than 30 min, often within 15 min anytime of day.

They provide all updates, support, and migration assistance for the money.

If your on the fence… Allow me to push you over if I can!