[TOSS A COIN 𝅘𝅥𝅮 ] Need a recommendation for an alternative to official Discourse SaaS

Can you recommend an alternative service that will setup Discourse and will provide support after that in case we’ll run into some problems or if anything breaks (‘notification emails aren’t coming through, please fix it asap’). Not like we’re planning to mess with the settings or install weird plugins - just need some reassurance everything is going to be running smoothly. We’re a small startup team, and 100$ or 300$ (for ‘business’ plugins like ‘Topic voting’) a month seems a bit pricey for our needs (For example, we averaged about 30k hits/month on our main website).

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I’m happy to provide support on an ongoing or as needed basis. You can email Jay@literatecomputing.com

https://www.communiteq.com/offers affordable hosting if you don’t want to fool with your own infrastructure.


Thank you for the recommendation! We’ve decided to go with communiteq for now, but I’ll message you if we’ll need to move on a custom hosting.


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