HTML email conversion drops tables and everything trailing it

With incoming email prefer html enabled, HTML to markdown conversion seems to abort when encountering an HTML table. The table doesn’t even get transformed to plain text, as mentioned in Maintain tables from HTML email in when using HTML to Markdown. It seems the allow html tables setting has disappeared since then, so I’m assuming this is now always enabled?

Anything trailing the tables is missing from the end result too, badly crippling emails containing tables.

I previously reported this in the aforementioned topic, but I’m now creating this new topic in the bug category to make sure this bug is recorded properly.

Note that pasting the HTML tables into a post works fine, suggesting that there’s no reason HTML tables couldn’t simply be included as-is into the Markdown post.


Thanks for the report @brechtm. Funny, I just reported this myself the other day. It’s on our radar for a fix.


The reason was that the code handling HTML to Markdown conversion on the server-side did not support <table> :wink:

This will be fixed once this PR is merged :ok_hand: