Html with script wont show on TOP and Footer, Help!

Hi and sorry if my question is noobish

i have discourse ready, but when i put something in CSS/HTML —> new —> TOP and i put my html with script, it just showing white space

yesterday i had a price ticker there, it was working perfect… but this morning i just have white space on it

problem is, if i move my html to HEADER, its working…also on footer, its not working… but i want it on TOP position near banner

im noob! can anyone point me to right direction :))

Can you provide the exact code you’re using, so we can try and reproduce the problem?


Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

ok, this is code in TOP tab where i want to show price ticker on:

Ticker 1

Ticker 2

All of them worked yesterday, perfectly, but this morning i woked up to blank space :frowning:

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Are there any JavaScript errors in the console of your browser?

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im sorry if its is a forbiden, but here is ip of my newly server, i bought domain yesterday still waiting for domain propagnation.

you can see here, that ticker on bottom of page, when i put him near that banner, left or under …its not showing :frowning:

when i put anything else on TOP, like img src, i can see it… but with script no :frowning:

EDIT: from what i see, i can’t run html with script on TOP and Footer

i really cant figure out why everything worked, and last night it just stopped


can anyone tell me why this code cannot be shown on TOP or FOOTER

only on main body and head

Can anyone figure out why this code is not working?

you have a
should be ?

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i have figure out that, but thats not the code im having problem showing on TOP position :slight_smile:

this one is problem…

im sorry for bumping this thread, but im really having some problems!

no matter what code i put in costumize - html/css - new, none of them are showing on TOP or FOOTER position

does anyone knows why is this happening?

What shows in your browsers dev tools under “elements” and “console” (they might be named differently in yours)

“elements” will let you see the generated DOM, does your code appear anywhere?
“console” will let you see error messages and log comments, anything there?

I’m guessing you’ll see something like a “not a function of null” error message.

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i really cant tell or found anything in console, its empty

this is the code im trying to show on TOP position, its enabled and everything but nothing on fronside

Perhaps the error console is empty, but the elements pane most certainly shouldn’t be.
Is the added HTML there anywhere?


i can see it, its marked

its just above that working code that i have on site

Looks like you got it working :+1: