Javascript inserted into Footer from Discourse UI not working

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In Footer of the Discourse UI I am trying to get javascript to run but it does not and there are no errors. It’s as if it just isn’t present.


This is in Footer, nothing console.logs. It is Enabled, too.


Looks like a bug…

I just tried it with both JavaScript and normal content and neither appeared:

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Hmm can we repro this @techapj?

Looking at the code by which footer is inserted, I believe it’s not possible to insert JavaScript via Footer and Top.

The only sections which supports injecting JavaScript are Header, </head> and </body>.

I am not able to repro this, normal content appears fine in Footer. Also here is one of our hosted instance which has custom Footer:

Looks just fine.


How is one to include a JS script that is run after the page has loaded (and keep in mind it can’t be done with a document ready. It needs to be in the footer.


Is there any update on this issue?

I am also trying to include javascript code in top/footer but it is not working.
What I want to do, is insert (for example) google adsense or AdTech tags in Top/Footer, but it seems that the script is not executed.
In Header (Customize -> CSS/HTML -> Header), however, the script is working as expected.

Can you please fix it?


Nothing is broken here, have a look at examples of supported ways of adding scripts, for example:

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If I add the same script to Header (Admin / Customize / CSS/HTML / Header) and Footer (Admin / Customize / CSS/HTML / Footer), it is working only in Header, that’s what I’m saying.

You can try this out yourself. I just did the test with default Google Adsense tags, but you can test it with any simple script, for example:

    alert("script executed");

In “Footer” this will not popup the dialog, whereas in “Header” this will work.

Thank you,

Footer is not designed to allow for script tags, it is just for visual changes.

The lifecycle of our application is very different to what a traditional webpage is. There are hooks in Ember you need to use if you need code to run

  • On initialization
  • On page transition
  • When a route is entered
  • When a component is rendered

and so on.

The to make XYZ work put the following “snippet” in your HTML footer concept make no sense for a single page application.


Got it, thanks.
I will look for any howto on implementing these hooks. If there is any tutorial about it here in meta, please advise.

This is happening to me today. When I insert a Javascript on the </body> section, I just cannot save.

v1.8.0.beta5 +211