Hyperlink to actions


Is it possible to place hyperlinks to actions?

For instance, I’d like to welcome members to a new Category like this:

Hi @VIPMembers,

Welcome to your amazing #VIP-Category!

To be sure that you get notifications from your fellow VIPs, please watch this category (just click the link) [hyperlink that sets them to watching #VIP-Category]. If you really want to stay connected, [click here] to set your preferences to mailing list mode. This means you’ll get an email message for every new post in this Category (and any other Categories you decide to watch). Since we speak Spanish here, [click here] to set your user interface to Spanish.

Also, to share this message with other VIPs, please click here [a hyperlink to the sharing toolbar] and let people know how awesome it is to connect here.


It makes writing a tutorial for non-tech people really easy. A few clicks and they’re set up and good to go.

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You sure you don’t want to set the default locale to Spanish?

I think you can do the same thing with mailing list mode, I just don’t because I figure that’s more of a user preference. For the rest of it I have instructions in my welcome category for turning on things, setting up your email signature correctly, etc.

@notriddle, 99% of our members speak English, this would be for a Category with Spanish members.

@awlogan, you can create a hyperlink that allows a user to sign up for mailing list mode? I don’t want the entire site to be on mailing list mode. I want to make it easy for an individual user to turn this option on for a specific category they’ve joined to collaborate in.


Mmm :thinking: … yes, link to the user’s settings, but not to “actions” directly:
Try: your-forum.com/my/preferences/interface

No, they still have to turn it on. From your description it sounds like you want them to all use it. I would just do a write up on how to enable it and link to that, so that they learn how to use the tools, otherwise when the decide to turn it off they’ll be contacting you.

@awlogan, I’d be glad to do that for them! With this functionality, I’d write back to them:

To turn off mailing list mode, [click here].

You could even put that sentence in the instructions for the Category.

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Here’s a similar request from the past (and a use case I have for it).


Because there’s a security need to have the user take action, perhaps the hyperlink provides a pop-up modal with the action right there. Or, it takes them to the page where they complete the action, and that area is highlighted.

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Yeah, I think it would be best if it only takes them to a separate page when they are coming from outside the app (e.g. email). Otherwise it would be preferable to use a more lightweight interaction for confirmation (like a modal).

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