Hyperlink with port number not working

When i define the hyperlink http://forum:3000/releases and click on it it will forward to http://forum/releases. How can i change that the port number 3000 is not filtered?

You should try doing this:

rails console
SiteSetting.port = 3000

I think i missed to mention: The forum is running well on normal port. I don’t want to change it.
I run a different webserver on same machine with port 3000 to store binaries. It is just the link which is not forwarding…

It’s not the answer you want, but I’d set up a reverse proxy and give the other server another host name. Actually, you might just add a CNAME releases. That might fix it.

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Thank for sharing your solution. This would be a great workaround, unfortunately i’m not the network administrator.

Can you give us more information on how you’ve got this set up? Is there a reverse proxy in front of Discourse?

You could point any domain name that you have control ov to the server without the network administrator. Failing that, you could implore the network administrator to get their job.

Good luck with that.