Hyperlinked User Titles

I’m not sure if something like this already exists, but it would be cool if we could hyperlink user titles to a topic (or have a ‘hover over’ pop up) that explains how they are achieved.

Mods update user titles in our community based on certain criteria, and while there is a topic explaining how they are achieved, it would be helpful if a user could hover over or it or click on it to get more info.



To give an example, I see some users here with a ‘contributor’ title, and while that particular title is explained when searching the badge, a ‘nice to have’ could be “contributed an accepted pull request” being displayed when the title is hovered over.


You could do that with a theme component. Since those titles are specific to the community I’m not sure russet there is a general solution.

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We just made some topics public, and I had no idea about the featured topic option previously - very cool and something we can leverage for what we were originally trying to accomplish!