Per Category/post user titles

If you use Quora you would see how it’s so easy to have category level user titles, editable by the users themselves. This helps in bringing value to your answer for your readers.

While Discourse has user titles they are workable only for small set of users as they need to be set manually by the admins or if done through badges they would be less relevant.

When discussing it really helps to know more about the poster just from the user titles. Even here on meta it’s very useful to see tester/co-founder etc as user titles as it implies they are the most resourceful but other users don’t seem to shine enough.

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I’m not understanding the “per category”, “per post” title.

At least I’m failing to see how letting members set their own titles at that level could be of any usefulness to others.

But I do think custom user defined titles based on Trust Level could be a good idea.

That is, for Trust Level 3 members, instead of needing an Admin to set a title or choosing among those made available because of receiving a Badge or <none>, being able to enter some short custom text could be a nice perk.

But then, custom user fields already fill that to some extent.

Thanks for replying. Let me explain.

For example you replied to this topic and I can see that you are a plugin author, this brings more credibility to your reply. However a person could be an expert in multiple things, you could be a plugin author and the admin of a 1k+ size Discourse community. If my post were about maintaining a big community on discourse the plugin author would be less relevant and “Admin of 1k+ discourse community” would be more helpful.

Thanks for explaining, now I see what you mean.

And I can see where such a feature could be useful for members that “wear many hats”.

If I am a cook, painter, photographer and guitar player, but can only choose one at any given time that is used site-wide, it would be a tough choice to make for the “hobby” forum.

Although it could be useful to allow more control over what title is used where, I fear it would add quite a bit of complexity to to the code base.

I’m thinking a plugin that uses custom user fields is probably the better first step for this feature.


I wouldn’t say it would be complex, it definitely needs good amount of work. If it doesn’t serve most discourse users though it should be a plugin.

I would love to hear more about this from people who are concerned about user titles

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Posting what code you have come up with so far would be a great help for any others interested in this.

Please indicate what works, what doesn’t, what still needs to be done etc.