I am a Suspect on my own Discourse installs

Hey there. I’ve installed Discourse at least 3 times and looked in my admin UI. It never fails, every single time, I’ll head to “Users -> Suspect” and see myself in there. Whether it’s a dev instance or not, whether it faces the Internet or not, whether it’s active or a ghost town, I’m ALWAYS a Suspect.

Do I have some sort of mythical powers that cause that? I know it doesn’t inhibit user functionality to be on that list (especially for me, the admin), but I’ve always been curious and perplexed about it.

So far, the only Discourse instance where I’m admin and I don’t show up as Suspect is my gamedev forum.

Do you only have one account on these installs? It’s it a straight install following the standard guide, or is there a web server in front of the docker install?

Oh, that’ll do it. Every single instance I have is sitting behind Cloudflare if it’s internet-facing, and potentially even behind an nginx or apache2 reverse proxy depending on what I feel like fighting with and if I’m running other sites on the same box.

So you’re double-proxying discourse? Are you configuring nginx or apache to forward real client IPs to the install? Are you using the Cloudflare template?

Forwarding real IPs, yep. Using the Cloudflare template, nope. Don’t remember how to, lol.

Look in /var/discourse/templates and reference the correct file in the app.yml

Suspect users has nothing to do with IP.

They list users with a bio but with no read time nor posts. 95% of the case, they’re spammers.


Ahhh, so it thinks I’m a spammer? lol.

I haven’t read a single post on the dev instance I first noticed this on. I’m currently rebuilding it with the cloudflare template just in case I do need that, even though it’s not part of the problem. Just freaked me out a little, that’s all.