I am up and running. What to do next?

I have installed Discourse on Digital Ocean droplet successfully and configured TransMail (Zoho). It is working fantastically well. I silently scoured through the forum and learnt so many things on my way. There are so many good souls here who are helping ceremoniously without expecting anything in return. God bless you all :pray:

Back Story:

I started a new site on Grammar Schools in England. One of the competitors is crushing with the forum. I thought I would add to my site so I stumbled upon Discourse.

The 11 plus forum is live here.

One side I have a feeling of “am I signed for the more work?” I realised managing forum is not an easy task. I never expected to be an easy ride though.

I have so many questions in my head and is about to explode.

I would appreciate any pointers and advice regarding managing and stay insane.

  • Where to start?
  • What plugins to add?
  • What security?
  • How can I grow the community?
  • What disclaimers I should add?
  • What should I say in Privacy policy etc?

Please help. Pour your love, knowledge and wisdom. I will be indebted to your reciprocity in this regard.

Looking forward to helping the community in return.



Hey Adam,

Congratulations on launching your new site and welcome! First, you should read our best practices to organize your content & launch:

Then, you could read the Discourse Moderation Guide to learn more about moderating the site and become familiar with Discourse. Have a look at our most popular plugins and try the ones the look interesting. Since you’re starting from scratch, it’s a good idea to look at live Discourse sites and draw inspiration from them.

The default version is adequate unless you want to make specific additions (How to change FAQ, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service). I’d also recommend browsing the #community category to learn more about running a Discourse site.

The search tool is your best friend as our community here has found solutions and methods to do brilliant things with Discourse. However, the above guides are great to start with :rocket:


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