Tips for new Forum Admin

So I have my new Discourse forum up and running with data from old forum imported in. Just wondering is there any advice/tips for things we should be doing with a new forum ?


Did you read the Admin Quick Start Guide?


Like me, just get used to the basic in’s and out’s of Discourse and admin panel, what everything does. Browse this category to find out more. Also just ask!

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All good advice, but i suppose I didn’t mean so much the technicalties of how to do things (create backups etc) but more what to do to use it in the sense of making it easy for users, encouraging users to be active etc

For example I am thinking of converting some of my blog posts into a series of faq posts on Discourse because it is so much easier to create/format them nicely and link between them, but I am still undecided exactly how to organize things.

I guess I am rambling somewhat, and therefore rather difficult to answer my question.

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sorry for being far too technical :sweat_smile:

I hope a little reading is OK


Thanks, good links, also answers another question, I was wondering if Discourse could replace my Blog, but it appears not.

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Have you looked at this?


Interesting, thanks Chris