I can't login to admin after backup due to Cloudflare

I can’t login to admin user after backup

  • I delete all of forum, keep backup
  • Create new one, and use this backup

After login successfullly, forum just keep “sign up” and “sign in” button, and nothing happened

  • rebuild app - not working
  • app doctor - nothing error
  • enter app, create new admin - not working with new user

How can I login? I don’t know what is happening

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So you create a new admin with the rake task and cannot log in as that user?

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Yes. But I logined successfully when disable SSL force, by command
There is big problem when old backup had enabled ít…

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Is your DNS correctly pointing to your server?

Can you share your host name?

I fixed SSL, it seems ok now

Oh, and I realize big problem with Cloudflare
I have every prolems in settings when use Cloudflare cache

When I turn cloudflare off, it seems alright


:warning: CloudFlare CDN and Discourse have not historically played well together, so we do not recommend running CloudFlare CDN at this time.

Since many users had issues with it, you can check the search and maybe find a solution in it: Search results for 'cloudflare ' - Discourse Meta


Could you fix cloudflare issue on next version?

Cloudflare isn’t broken, your implementation was.

Let’s Encrypt won’t enroll a certificate while CloudFlare is proxying. It prevents the verification from going through.

You can’t use any of their ‘performance’ features with Discourse as it alters the already-minified code.

All CloudFlare can do for you is hide your IP and act as a CDN for your uploads. The benefits are minimal.