I can't see any image on my post


Who can help me ? I don’t understand why my post doesn’t show any image. Instead I can see this text for example :


A sample page

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It’s probably because it’s taking too long too upload or it could be because your on a phone or tablet. It’s better to do it on a laptop or computer. Another possibility is that your internet might be having some connectivity issues. My suggestion is to try refreshing the page.

I’m on computer vers Fiber connection 1 gb.
So definivly not.

Can you see it ?

Image shows up blank for me in Chrome latest. Maybe it’s a corrupt image?


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Thanks to test it…

I modify a post on my computer . I add an image, and I have think link.
Image was not added and always have text with upload

Looks like this for me – big blank area where the image should be. My only idea is a corrupt image.

If the image is working for you on your computer when you view it in your OS (not the web browser), take a screenshot of the image, then crop the screenshot so it is just the image, then save that file as a JPEG. Now you have a non-corrupt version of the image.

(That is assuming you can view the image with your operating system.)