Reduced images from posted link

I post links to websites, like this one:

It goes into OneBox in Preview, along with the reduced image (here, the pic of a reddish colored plastic can where hermit crabs have crawled into as a new ‘shell’). The reduced image stays in Preview as I type my post. However, on ‘submiit’ (or create topic, or reply), the image immediately disappeared.

Checking with others in that forum, they see the reddish can image.

As well, some of the other member images (for me) do not show the onebox images on their links.

This all started this past week.

Based on another problem I had where videos auto-played (even when not on that post in the thread), I went to Chrome history and deleted any items in History for that forum (which corrected the video issue before). Unfortunately, deleting History did not fix the disappearing OneBox images.

Anything else I can try? It interferes with my forum enjoyment, so I’d like to figure out a solution. BTW, a Discourse fix for an Admin screen display occurred during this time frame, but that supposedly would not have changed the image-OneBox display (for only me, though I am a 2nd Admin on that Forum).


Edit, the image is not appearing in this forum either.

I can see the image here, FYI.

Do you copy images to a CDN? I do. Sometimes that causes an image to not show for me as I’ve cached the original one (or something). It normally works out after a few minutes.

If you do copy media over, check all your options to make sure it is still working (like uploading images); if you don’t copy media over, maybe that domain is blocking your embed.

Just some ideas. :slight_smile:

What is CDN? All I do is copy an https url from a site’s page into the Discourse editor and make sure it goes into a OneBox before I leave.

These images have not shown up for ME only. They have not appeared over the past week. All other images I posted before Dec do show. All images in Dec were seen in Preview, but immediately disappear when I save the post.

If it’s only happening for you then this has to be a local browser issue and isn’t something we can help you troubleshoot.

Try using incognito, does the problem persist? How about in a different profile?

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It persists in Incognito.

The onebox looks fine here so I am really not sure what you are reporting here… it’s like you’ve seen a ghost :ghost:

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The images are only “disappearing” in her browser. Everything she has posted/OneBoxed is showing for everyone else. I believe it is a browser issue, but just hers in particular. Other members who are also using Chrome are not having any issues. Everyone can see all images in OneBoxed links.

I have been searching for others on the Internet where only “certain” images are not displaying. Still working on that.

I was asking for ideas of what to check, or fixes to try.

An image that shows in Preview should not get stripped out instantly when Save / Reply is hit (and never show [days now]). There had been no image issues before this last week. e.g. A browser issue would mean it’s been occurring the entire time I’ve been in Discourse forums, e.g. many years now. That is not the case, though.

Try in Firefox and see what happens. Default install, no plugins or mods.


I’m sorry, Jeff, I don’t intend to install Discourse on my computer.

Firefox is having trouble loading the forum.

Firefox can load the Discourse forum. However, using Firefox for this reply, it still fails to show the reddish plastic can with the hermit crabs crawling in, from my post in this thread.

To recap…

I’ve never used FireFox so it’s pristine as far as settings, etc…

Thumbnails from URLs have worked fine for years on this PC in 2 unrelated discourse forums. The immediate drop out of the thumbnail image from Preview only started in the last week.

Chrome is set to allow all images.

I deleted all of the other forum from history.

The only app I use on this PC is adblock (original version). However, I have it set to not block anything on the forums.

I use AVG-free without issue for years.

So I can’t think of anything in my PC that would strip out thumbnail images from urls I post that onebox, especially since it is on both Chrome and Firefox.

  • This post made in Firefox.

It’s something to do with your local setup. Browser, machine, DNS, network or provider.

With no steps to reproduce it away from your machine we can’t really troubleshoot this further.


Yeah. it’s maddening when I changed nothing. It’ll probably be like the log out menu that disappeared a couple months ago… a weird thing that fixed itself finally.

So… I wait…

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