I entered the wrong admin email address during initial setup

@pfaffman ah yes the password requested in discourse-setup is just for the email server not for the admin accounts.

I will try your suggestion of editing app.yml now.

The only password there is for SMTP. If you want to set user passwords, do this:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rake admin:create

@pfaffman going round in circles a little here. Bad admin email address, how do I fix it in Discourse?

This is the fix I need, right?

Ah this is the issue, default admin. admin1 with bad email address is not currently default as it’s not safe to use it with a bad email address. If I change default to admin1 and set the email address, all in CLI, can you confirm it will not send an email to bad email address for confirmation?

If you want to change a user’s email address, then it’s fairly difficult if email isn’t working.

Your problem, which exists only because your forum is broken and cannot send email, is that you cannot log in as some admin user you have created already, right?

You can set the password for that user (or any user, admin or not) using admin user:create, so you don’t need to get an email to verify the account.

If what you want to do is change that particular admin’s email address, you should just wait until email works.

no kidding :slight_smile:

Wrong. I can log in but I don’t get any email notifications because EE or an.other has blocked the email address.

Email works fine for other admin and regular users, just not main admin (me).

Must be a fix?

Change the user to not be an admin. Then you can change the email address without email confirmation.


@pfaffman you sure that works? Thought everything was email validated.

Sounds like a plan. So set as regular user, enter a proper working email address. Test the access and then have admin2 re-enable me as admin1, right?

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Not going so well. admin rights revoked but admin2 still can’t st admin1 email address. Is it because admin1 is also a moderator? I will try revoking moderator rights but maybe as admin2 I am looking in the wrong place for an email address change for admin1.

I have seen that some things are done through the profile rather than general “admin”.

OK with moderator status revoked admin2 was able to change my email address as a regular user. But it still insists on sending me as a regular user to confirm at my new email address. I guess this is fair enough but not ideal. I am back with admin and moderator rights now to a semi working email address.

I need to take up this last issue with EE or my domain hoster.

Thanks everyone for getting me this far.

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I followed this advice and blew up my install. Everything seemed ok until the ol’ git pull and ./launcher rebuild app. Now my Discourse is geborken. I’ll reinstall and start over.

A little late: You cannot impersonate admins.


Are you sure? I’m pretty sure impersonated admin before, but i haven’t done it recently.

Want a look? Here:

You can only impersonate an admin if you’re in the DEVELOPER_EMAILS list.


While creating my domian, I wrongly entered by DNS address, but payment has been completed

Payment to whom? The registrar?

You should just be able to correct it.

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