How to change the admin email

I face with a problem and I need your help.
How to change the admin email the one that you entered while installing Discourse?
Thank you!

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Is the old one still valid? If yes then change admin’s email normally via user settings.

But maybe you would like to open a bit what kind of issues you are trying to solve out. Because perhaps the right answer is totally different than changing email.


Hello Jakke!

Yes, the old one is valid. I am admin and the email that i am asking about is one that I type while entering the discourse on the hello page.

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Do you mean the one your enter when you ran discourse-setup? If so, you’ll run it again.

If you mean one you enter in the ux in your browser you can change it and it’ll send you an email to make sure it’s you.

If you’re hosted, then you might contact email team, as your address is on systems outside of your discourse instance.


How can I change email in this situation? On the welcome page.

Do you know how to find your own personal user account after login?

Click your avatar and then user icon:

Open preferences:

You are at your account and there you can change your email. AFAIK that is a bit different thing than changing kind of systemwide admin email via discourse-setup, though. Well, I have tendency to be wrong every now and then :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Or am I missing something obvious now?


Does that mean that you just installed Discourse for the first time and you’re trying to set up the initial admin account? You haven’t ever even logged in yet?

If that’s the case, then you want to change the DISCOURSE_DEVELOPER_EMAILS in your app.yml. The easiest way to do that is to run ./discourse-setup again.



Thank you very much! I use this email while logging as an admin.Forum works well. Now i would like to change old email.
I am afraid that this ./discourse-setup destroy the forum. Will it?

Have you tried to do so and had a problem? If you still have access to the old address, then you should have no problems.


And changing the developer email address will affect only accounts that use those email addresses; it will not change the email address of your, or any other account in Discourse.

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Could you please assist me with commands
When i type ./discourse-setup in Terminal it says “-bash: ./discourse-setup: No such file or directory”

cd /var/discourse

Again, this will NOT change the email address associated with your existing Discourse account. It will only make whatever email address you change it to be an admin and be able to see the mini profiler.

If you want to change your email address, go to /my/profile and change it.

If you’re using SSO then you’ll need to change it there and not in Discourse.


Hello, Jay!

Thank you very much for your sincere desire to help me. I guess i have problem with an explanation.
I would like to change email on the welcome page.
And as far as I am an admin this email uses for some technical support. It appears on the Contacts of the forum.

I have attached the picture to show you what email i would like to change.

The first line is an email.

Thank you in advance.

If I remember, then the about page will display the first email in the developer emails setting.

That seems clear.

That’s not a welcome page. It’s the login page.

Are you referring to this field?


There is no email address printed there, just a field where you enter your email address or your username. Other users will enter their email address there, but I expect that most users enter their username and not their email address.

Do you want to change the email address connected to your admin account? The email address where Discourse sends you notifications? Then you do that from your user profile. (But you can also log in on that page without an email address, but only the username and password.)

Do you want to change the social logins on the right?

I don’t think that’s the intention as the screen shot shows the login page. Right?

I might have misunderstood the post, I understood it as “how can I change the email on /about”

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Thank you. Could you please make a screenshot of that option. I mean where i can change it. Because near my email there is no “edit” option.

Are you using sso? If so, you must change your address where you log in, not in discourse.

See Discourse Meta - The Official Support Forum for Discourse

Can you share the url of your forum?

Thank you!
Due to all respect on my forum there is no option to edit the email address that i use on log in page.
I use SSO, could you please help me to change it via SSO?

Sorry. You have the regular login screen, not SSO.

Maybe you need to check the site setting email editable.

Jay, Hello!

I checked email editable. I cant change it.
Maybe this time you could try to help me.

The email i would like to change is also used for notifications of new users’ posts on the forum.
It means that it used by the whole system.
How can I change it?