I got a copyright strike to PDF file but I'm unable remove it

Hello Everyone,

I recently received a copyright strike to one PDF file but I am unable to remove it, so please assist me in this process as it is critical to the survival of my server.


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Hi @Sunder. :wave:

The easiest way is to find the topic the PDF was uploaded to and find the online URL; it’s possible that if you have a “copyright strike” then you were informed of the URL in question.

Do you store your uploads on your Discourse server or in an S3-compatible object storage bucket? Once you know the URL and where you are keeping the files, you can go in and remove it. :slight_smile:


Hi @maiki ,

Thanks for replying.

I know the URL of the PDF, it was hosted in Discourse server.

I will share the URL with you privately.

Please help me to remove it.

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@maiki ,

I’m unable to send message privately to you.

URL is like - https://example.com/uploads/short-url/4KPGqUiq9ssjg3WeSKA5EdqKPGN.pdf

@maiki & Team,

Please help me with your suggestion, it’s really important for my server’s survival.

Have you removed the topic where the PDF was uploaded to?

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Yes, @Stephen, I removed that topic, but the PDF url is still accessible.

How long ago did you delete the topic?

What grace period do you have set for uploads in /admin/settings? Check yoursiteurl/admin/site_settings/category/files?filter=grace

Uploads aren’t immediately removed, but you can lower the grace period and then trigger the job in sidekiq to eliminate files sooner, or go fishing around in the shared folder of your install to purge it by hand.


Hi @Stephen ,

I lowered the grace period to 1 hour. But, still the URL is accessible and file is downloading.

Can you please tell another way? Where can I find the shared folder and uploaded file?

Thank you.

Did you also?

This would be https://yoursiteurl/sidekiq/scheduler and the job name Jobs::PurgeDeletedUploads should be manually triggered after changing the setting.


Which of the two Grace periods did you lower? If you didn’t trigger the job in sidekiq it will happen automatically, eventually.

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@Stephen ,

I lowered “clean orphan uploads grace period hours” to 1 hour. Should I lower “purge deleted uploads grace period days” also?

After lowering “purge deleted uploads grace period days” shall I trigger the job manually?

@Stephen @maiki ,

File has been removed for sometime. After sometime it is again accessible. But, I don’t know why.
Can you please help me on this?

Thank you

Have you tried accessing the file URL from a new device/browser? Maybe you are accessing a cached version, but the file is not at that location anymore.


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