I have 403 error, when use forgoten password email

Hi, When I user “forgoten password email”, it seems 403 error
How can I reset my password for member?

If you’re an admin on the site, ensure the force https setting is enabled. Not forcing SSL can cause weird issues with login and password interactions.

I enabled it already. But it still error.

Is the error happening for all users who submit the forgotten password form, or just for one user?

If you open your browser’s web inspector to its Console tab, do you see any error messages when the form is submitted?

Hi, I have just test 2 user

  • One registered with email, has problem 403 with forgoten password email
  • One registered with google auth, has problem with not able redirect to login page (discourse is provider. After then I disable google auth, to check all for members).

I used sso with discourse wordpress plugin
I always check in incognito type of chrome to clear cookies

Now I see cookies of discourse have many options “same site cookies”:

  • Lax
  • Strict
  • Disable
  • None

Is it cause to 2 my issues?

It’s very strange.
Now I can’t backup, log is pending and stop at this screen:

Yesterday, I have deleted some “rsa auth images”. They look like “docker image” in plesk docker composer. Do they relate to these issues?

I’ve moved this topic out of the bug category and into the support category. It sounds like there is a problem with your Discourse installation.

How did you install Discourse? To get support on this forum, you should install Discourse by following one of the guides linked to here: https://github.com/discourse/discourse/blob/master/docs/INSTALL.md.

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