I have a dream ☺

Since i discovered this software i fell in love with it, its something can give you almost everything to build a proper community online but i still have a dream :slight_smile:

The 1st is i wish to see one click plugin install without rebuilding waiting.

2nd to see the born of a very affordable service like Vault Press. Because for me before i start any online service or idea i think about the backups.

And you can tell what are your dreams for this awesome software.

Impossible when the plugin has Ruby code. Already available on themes.

You can already automatically backup your entire Discourse externally on S3 for example.


Am sorry. am not a programmer this is why i think its easy or possible.

we want something to born from Discourse brand, Like VaultPress born from automatic Inc. Same company behind the wordpress.

We have that, it’s called … subscribe to a hosting plan at https://discourse.org/buy :wink:


Which i missed :grinning:

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Methinks you’re underselling yourselves there, it’s much more like WordPress VIP, sans the four figure monthly minimum.